“we didn’t need to do much explaining”

Tom & Sivan

“From the first encounter we knew Roy was our man.

He is a walking encyclopedia of music, lives the energy around him and enjoys making others happy, which is what makes him so unique.

The meetings where laid back and we didn’t need to do much explaining on who we are and what suits us, but just that we wanted an assortment of music.

We got married Friday afternoon, on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year, so hot that we feared our guests wouldn’t be able to eat, drink or dance.

The food was barley touched, and the Vodka didn’t go down smoothly, but the dance floor was never empty! Roy felt the vibe, the crowd, us, and blew everyone away with his music. You know it’s good when your grandmother is dancing with your friend, that’s dancing with you uncle, who’s dancing with your niece, who’s dancing with her boyfriend, who happens to understand in music and loves every moment.

Happily and highly recommended!”