“These guys don’t just play, they create…”

Dotan & Tamar

“Dear wedding couples,

If your going to make the (right) choice and go with Libra, be sure to ask them to prepare an ice bucket for your feet for the end of the night, as they are going to throb….

In our meeting with Omri we went through every genre and sub-genre possible. Every song he played for us got us more excited then the one before, and all this was done with great patience and thoroughness to truly understand us, and our guests.

After the meeting with Omri, the other meetings (that where already lined up) seemed boring and banal.

The other DJ’s just couldn’t seem to get us excited, and all played the same group of songs played at every wedding that made you want to sit down.

As for Libra, these guys don’t just play music; they create, live and breathe music with insane knowledge of artists and songs.

The music was innovative, fun, energizing, happy, and unique and on the dance floor you could find 7 year olds, our friends (that didn’t stop for a moment) our parents friends (that didn’t stop complimenting) and even our grandparents that came out for a spin.”