“All Our guests wanted a copy of the playlist…”

Nir & Lital

“Wedding planers unite! Do yourselves a favor and hire Libra Music. Though we were always against the usual cheesy, mundane weddings and needed some convincing, Omri managed to change our perception, and we fell in love with him the moment we met.

In our microscopic wedding in comparison to most (50 guests), nobody really expected for people to dance. But the superhero powers that Libra brought had everyone dancing for 4 hours, stopping only for shots.

Our guests aged 17, 27 and 71 all wanted a copy of the playlist, and as one of our lazy friends summarized “I really wasn’t planning on dancing the entire time, but the guys gave me no reason to sit down”. In short, we soared across the Milky Way and back, so look no farther and fly away with Libra Music.”